What we do

The CWU Friends of the Library (FOL), established in 1961, helps to ensure that the library remains a vital part of Central Washington University. Our annual newsletters and meetings keep you informed of library events.

Our primary purpose is to raise funds for library acquisitions: books, journals, recordings, musical scores, films, maps, electronic databases. Each fall, the Friends conduct a two-day booksale on the Ellensburg campus. The Friends of the Brooks Library Endowment Fund receives the monies raised by the sale and other events.

To join the Friends in support of the Library, print out and complete the Contribution Form, attach your check and forward to the Friends of the Library at the address provided on the form. We thank everyone who contributes annually in response to our newsletter and who suggests that family and friends donate to the FOL Endowment Fund in memory of deceased loved ones or special individuals.



Ronda Patrick: Chair and President, 2016-2019

Andy Piacsek: Vice-Chair and Treasurer, 2017-2020

Rebecca Lubas: Dean of Libraries, Ex-Officio, Ongoing

Patricia (Patti) Erickson: Secretary, 2018-2021

Board of Directors

Dr. Gary Bartlett, 2018-2021

Jerry Brong, 2016-2019

Dr. Bob Hickey, 2017-2020

Diane Huckabay, 2018-2021

Kathy Matlin, 2018-2021

Ian Miller, 2017-2020

Dr. Cynthia Pengilly, 2018-2021

Erica Sanford, 2017-2020

Allie Sheldon, 2018-2021

Scott Templin, Past President, 2018-2021

Susan Waddle, 2016-2019

Ray Wanlenvo, Student, 2018-2021

J’Aime Wells, 2018-2021





The official name of this organization shall be Friends of the James E. Brooks Library of Central Washington University.



The purpose of the Friends of the James E. Brooks Library shall be to recruit friends for the library, to promote the library's visibility by demonstrating its value as the center of a learning enterprise, and to secure resources, including the maintenance of an endowment fund with the Central Washington University Foundation, that supports instruction, research and leisure reading. In pursuing these goals, the Friends will consult with the Dean, the faculty, and staff of the library.


Mission and Vision

The Friends are advocates of the library. As such their mission is to advocate, whenever and wherever possible, the necessity for excellence within the library-- excellence in services, in faculty and staff, in information resources, in environmental conditions and access.

The Friends envision staying fully informed on library issues and critical needs and sharing information widely through newsletters and meetings that focus on library- related topics. Vision includes: seeking new opportunities to serve and support the library, diversifying revenue sources, securing special collections for the library, promoting reading and library use, and providing social programs for members and guests.



The Friends of the James E. Brooks Library is a voluntary, non-profit organization working in cooperation with the Central Washington University Foundation. Any person interested in the purpose of this organization and contributing finances, resources, and/or services to it shall be a member.


Officers and Organization

Section 1

The officers of this organization shall consist of:

Between nine and fifteen members of a Board of Directors elected by a majority vote of those members present at the annual meeting of the members of the organization for terms of three years. Board members may serve two consecutive terms before leaving for at least one year.

They shall annually select one of their number as Chair of the Board and President of the organization, one as Vice-Chair, one as Treasurer, and one as Secretary.

The Dean of Library Services of Central Washington University or his/her designee shall serve as the representative of the library.

The Board of Directors may authorize the Chair to appoint committees, make assignments or initiate other actions consistent with the purposes of this organization.

A vacancy on the Board of Directors may be filled by the Board for the unexpired portion of the term.

Section 2

The meetings of this organization shall be held quarterly and shall consist of at least one annual meeting of members of the organization to be held at a time or place determined by the Board of Directors, and such other meetings as the Board of Directors shall call. The annual meeting shall be held in the month of June. A notice shall be published and notices sent to the membership prior to said Annual Meeting.

The fiscal year of the Friends shall be from July 1 to June 30.

A quorum for any meeting of the Board of Directors shall be no fewer than one-half of the number of active Directors. Directors unable to attend meetings may also vote by proxy, or assign their vote to the Chair.

The Board may remove any Director who has three or more absences from regular meetings of the Board of Directors during a fiscal year.

The Board of Directors shall transact the business of the organization between meetings of the member of the organization and recommend the disbursement of funds of the organization.



These articles may be supplemented by a set of bylaws, which may be adopted by a majority vote of those members present at an annual meeting of the organization.



These article and bylaws that may be in effect may be amended at any annual meeting of this organization by a majority of those members present.

Passed by vote of the Annual Meeting, June 5, 2017.

FOL Retreat @ Ellensburg Pasta Company, Monday, Jan 28, 2019

FOL Retreat @ Ellensburg Pasta Company, Monday, Jan 28, 2019